About Us

Bulgeez was founded to inspire men to embrace their manhood and to own the show in their undies. Bulgeez is not quiet in any way. Bulgeez is not subtle, it is not simple, nor is it similar to your locker room mates. Bulgeez is for men who are tired of old traditional underwear. It's for men who are willing to step up and show the world who they are! Bulgeez encompasses what it means to steal the show. No more awkward bedroom strip dances. No more embarrassing locker room struts. Bulgeez was founded for brave and bold men who want to loudly sport their bulge!

Here at Bulgeez, we promise to build a product that it both comfortable and tough enough for the boldest man around. We aim to provide our customers with the best damn underwear they’ll ever own. In an effort to do so, we promise to consider all reviews and feedback and will forge underwear around our customers needs and wants. 

Our promise echoes our belief of the importance behind service and committing to others. Though we are a fairly new company, our goal is to give back to those who have fought and supported us.

As Veterans and Active Duty Military Members, we understand the importance behind patriotism and our brothers here at home. That is why we chose to base Bulgeez out of San Diego and craft our underwear in Los Angeles – 100% American Made.

With success comes great responsibility. As we grow we promise to give back as much as possible. We aim to donate and help veterans across the country. We would like to support many organizations, offer scholarships, and provide sponsorships.

We ask that you support our mission so we can further support the fight at home. Your package is in our hands.