The Pink Divers

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Life is about balance. Work. Checkbooks. Fitness. Friends. That one time you had one too many… Honestly, our days can become stressful without a little pink in our lives!

That’s why we chose the flamingo as our spirit animal. The flamingo represents CONFIDENCE. Needed to make your way through the crowd, find the girl, and show her your waistband! The flamingo is FLIRTATIOUS. Needed because Bulgeez can only get you so far! Lastly, the flamingo is BOLD. Be bold and take control of your life. Be the flamingo. Sport The Pink Divers and it will always be mating season.

Still not convinced? Let us leave you with this. The flamingo sports a pink pigment as a result of its pink diet. It’s literally the definition of “you are what you eat." We may be wrong, but we have yet to see a pink man!

Grow your wings and stop giving a flock because chicks dig flamingos!